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Our Approach to Mobile Schooling


♥️📚  We are SO happy you are here!  Pupil Pod aims to provide supplemental educational programming across various sectors both in and around the City of Philadelphia.  We are a family-owned small business started during the COVID-19 Pandemic to address the complex issue of virtual schooling; working to match pupil pods with credentialed, certified and engaging instructors with personality and pedagogical goals in mind.

Post-pandemic, in an effort to pivot towards the current and growing needs of parents/caregivers and students, we began offering various supplemental educational programing including but not limited to AfterCare Programs, PlaySchool Sessions, parental education and more.  



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Why Pupil Pod?

In an effort to pivot towards the needs of parents and students, my husband and I created pupil pod. Pods can be self chosen or assigned; up to 6 students per teacher. Hours are variable but can supplement or supplant students’ in-school synchronous learning. Teacher can be virtual or face-to-face depending on circumstances. Each 3-hour segment of academic instruction, tied to state standards and creatively embedded into lessons, includes an extracurricular activity. Those activities can include arts, physical education and the like. Contracts are flexible. All instructors are matched to each pod with personality and instructional goals in mind and are certified with background check and FBI clearances.


Jess Stuebner, Founder and Co-Owner